PLAN DU WEEK-END : recherche de style 👇😂 On vous encourage à publier des photos-vidéos de vous en commentaire)
Traçage jeudi le 26 en soirée
Traçage dimanche le 29 en soirée

Consult our interactive map for alternative parking. With the accumulations, the parking spaces is reduced

👉 For walking, running and fatbike, please. ALWAYS ride in the west corridor, NEVER in the center which is reserved for skate skiing.
❄️ Please respect the corridors dedicated to each activity.
❌ Dogs are not allowed on the trail
❤️ Respect and courtesy are required 😃

👇Safety tips in case of emergency.
(Despite the proximity of services on the P’titTrain du Nord, visitors should be forward-thinking in case of problems and while waiting for help in the winter season❄️❄️)
🕘 Before leaving for your hike, have a charged cell phone and keep it warm.
➕ For help, call 911 and give the nearest milepost.
💬 Always notify a loved one of your outing.
Bring a survival blanket (aluminum) and warm clothing with you.

Mont Blanc sector– OPEN- groomed but not tracked for classic.

Mont-Tremblant sector- For trail conditions in the Tremblant area, click here

La Conception sector in Labelle, now open for skiing, walking and fatbike : groomed but not tracked