To be happier, healthier, to balance your equilibrium, cajole your brain and a healthy dose of vitamin D.


  • For their own safety and that of other users, pets are not allowed on the trail.
  • You will find numerous picnic areas all along the P’tit Train. It is possible for you to bring a lunch, therefore, we ask you to bring back any refuse and recycle thereby keeping the premises clean.
  • Active listening to your surroundings helps hearing other cyclists. Avoid using headphones. Nature emits such pretty sounds!
Guide and service dogs are welcome on le P’tit train du nord.


  • When properly equipped you will realize how pleasant walking in the winter can be. So pull out mittens, tuques, and scarves and come walk the pathway located on the west side of the trail in the Saint-Jérôme / Val-David sector Km (0,3 at km 44,6). 
  • In the Saint-Faustin to Mont-Tremblant sector (km 70,5 at 99, 3), a corridor is shared with « fatbikes » on the west side of the path. Do not go in the middle of the path, this section is reserved for skate skiers; 
  • Not allowed on the trail: Pets are not allowed except for guide and assistance dogs which are welcome;
  • IMPORTANT, never walk in the center of the trail and in classic ski rails;                                                 Follow the corridors indicated on the signs. Courtesy is required.


Map of sectors open for winter hiking →

The P’tit Train du Nord is a section of the Trans Canada Great Trail

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