UPDATE-December 5
Due to heavy snow on the branches and leaning trees on the trail in several areas, pruning work had to be carried out to allow the groomer to pass. This work began in the early hours of the morning and should be completed during the day. Thank you for your understanding.
After having worked with the snowmobile to compact the surface following the fine snowfall, the groomer will set out on Tuesday for the « skating” and the classic in the following sectors:

🟢 Traced and groomed from 116th Avenue in St-Jérôme (km 4.5) to km 15.7
🟢 Traced and groomed from Piedmont station (km 20.7) to Val-Morin station (km 38.9)
🟢 Traced and groomed from km 41.5 in Val-David to km 46.4 at Parc Préfontaine in Sainte-Agathe.
🔴The section from km 38.9 to km 41.5 remains closed for work in Val-Morin.
🔴 Also closed from km 15.7 to km 20.7 for work.
🚫 Not recommended for fatbikes after a snowfall, as the corridor on the west side is not firm enough. Walking can also be difficult after a snowfall.
It’s important to respect the code of good conduct and courtesy in the open air, which is the basic notion for cohabitation on the trail.
Throughout the season, for walking, running and fatbikes: ALWAYS use the west corridor, NEVER the center, which is reserved for skating.
Please note that dogs are not allowed on the trail.