⚠️ Update 26th May – Work km 52 to 70

⚠️On the 29th and 30th May, the MRC d’Antoine-Labelle will be grinding the bumps between Mont-Laurier and Lac-Saguay. The trail will remain open, so please be vigilant in this area on these dates.

⚠️km 24.6 – A broken culvert has damaged the track. Signs have been installed to help bypass the break, so please be vigilant in this area.

❗Opening on weekends❗
Plan your trips accordingly!On May 15, the pathway rehabilitation work between km 52 and km 70 began a complete closure of the 18 km section. This complete closure is for a period of 4 weeks only.
Starting in mid-June, the work will be carried out by sector.
Unless otherwise specified, the trail will be open on weekends.
During the week, a bypass route is in place via route 117.
❗Please note that this route is at your own risk. Road safety rules are applied.
The bypass should be avoided especially by families with children and by less experienced people.

Here are some suggestions for planning your outings on the trail north and south of the section under construction.

Sainte-Agathe to the SOUTH :
Parking: The various stations between Sainte-Agathe and Saint-Jérôme. Several park-and-ride lots are also available.
You can see their location on our interactive map. https://carte.ptittraindunord.com/
Points of interest :
– Villages of Val-David and Val-Morin with their many cafés, restaurants, boutiques, art galleries, local artisans, etc.
– Several microbreweries between Sainte-Agathe and Saint-Jérôme.
– Boutique-Accueil km 14 of the P’tit Train du Nord at the Prévost station.

Mont-Blanc to the NORTH :
Parking : The various Mont-Blanc and Mont-Laurier stations. Several incentive parking lots are also available.
You can see their location on our interactive map. https://carte.ptittraindunord.com/
Points of interest :
– Sentier des Cimes Laurentides, Gourmet Sauvage, Restaurant Chez Émile.
– Saint-Jovite sector with its many restaurants.
– Old Tremblant Village area
– Mont-Tremblant tourist resort area, many activities for young and old.
– Several microbreweries between Mont-Blanc and Mont-Laurier.

To plan your outings on our trail, visit our website.

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Attention, diversions for the Sainte-Agathe sector (km 52) to Mont-Blanc (km 70) A bypass will be put in place (see below)
The sector km 52 (Sainte-Agathe) to km 70 (Mont-Blanc), which is currently under construction, will be open every weekend unless otherwise indicated.
Here are the details for the bypass
Please respect the signs in place.
Click here to see the map in more detail

detour 15 mai 2023

IMPORTANT NOT TO TRAVEL in the closed areas, the high water has caused damage, erosion and risk of stalling the trail.

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Caution, an area to be avoided, repair work on the P’tit Train du Nord is planned. The section of the linear park trail between the municipalities of Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts and Mont-Blanc will be paved. This section will be closed for several consecutive weeks during the summer. A detailed communication will be issued by the MRC des Laurentides and on our site in “trail conditions” for the hindrances and detours.
For more details, consult the press release

Please follow our code of conduct:

Smile and courtesy are required
-Recommended speed is 22 km/h and 10 km/h when approaching urban areas;
-Ride in line when in a group;
-Please call out when passing! Dring, dring!
-Ride on the right and pass on the left;
-Clear the path when stopping;
-Wearing a helmet is recommended, you have such a beautiful head!
-When the trail is closed, it is important not to ride in the rock dust areas so as not to create permanent grooves;
-Ride on the side of the trail in the same direction as the cyclists ( on the right side of the trail) and always ride in line to give way to the bikes;
-Clear the path when stopping;
-Your pet is not allowed on the trail for their safety and that of other users;
-To hear the bikes, it is important to listen actively to the ambient noise. Avoid headphones.
Have a good start of the season!